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 Our Mandate

To carry out it's mission, PIJAC Canada strives to:

  • Be engaged in legislation and regulation affecting the pet industry at all levels of government.

  • Support legislation and regulations which operate in the best interest of pets, the pet industry and the public and oppose that which is not.

  • Promote research into the breeding, care, feeding, handling, importation and maintenance of pets.

  • Publish, gather and share credible information regarding the pet industry, pet care and responsible pet ownership.

  • Promote the humane treatment of animals by everyone

  • Establish appropriate and generally acceptable standards of animal care within the pet industry and promote recognition and observance of such standards to all pet sources and the public.

  • Promote public recognition of the importance of legitimate pet industry businesses and the value of the products and services they provide.

  • Produce and promote animal care and husbandry resource materials to help enhance the wellbeing of pets.

  • Promote pet industry and related events to foster relationship opportunities for our members.